EF Core – Code First with existing database ASP.NET Core


In ASP.NET Core using a Entity Framework Core we only have the option to connect with a database by aproach code first. Edmx and Dbml will not be supported anymore.
So what to do if we have existing database and we want to create a model based on EF Core in application.

I’ll show you in a short tutorial how to get it with the easiest way.


At the first we need to create class which is a reflection of the property in the database table.


Then we need to create a class that will inherit from DbContext from the namespace EntityFrameworkCore and it will contain the properties of our table / tables.

Configure a connection to the database with a default connection string  from appsettings.json in the startup class.

Add migrations by use command Add-Migrations.

The following class was generated by migrations

We have to delete everything that is in the function „Up”. And use command Update-Database. After these operations, we have a generated migration and finally, we can „normally” use the code first approach without any conflicts.


Link to the project.

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