RabbitMQ (EasyNetQ) – Request/Response

Sometimes when we use message broker we will want to wait for a response (like in RPC mechanism) – instead of relying on the publish or subscribe (which i present here).

Here EasyNetQ comes to help. It offerds us messaging pattern – request / response.

Request / response

To make it easier to understand this, let me give you an example.

One application sends a request for product list and waits for a response from the second application.

Command class (this one we send):

Event class (this one we are waiting for):

And here is short example, in API I want to display a list product with the appropriate number of records that will return us from another service via respond.

And the respond:

Thanks to this mechanism, we will receive a simple information exchange with the request response messaging pattern.

Here is full example.


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