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Get noticed

I decided to join to the contest “Daj się poznać” (Get Noticed) and I am very happy with it. The truth by saying I don’t have very much free time but I’ll try to persevere to the end.My applicaction it’s called “Get out from smog”.

What it will do?

Principle of operation:
Search for current user location, and downloading the information about smog – from site that publish it, that will mean – I’ll need parse information from html, xml or json. Application will search the best localization for walking – range selected by user. It will work in real-time.
Example: User live in center of Cracov. He want to take the walk but he sees high air pollution. He is able to travel 10km away from his location to take a walk in the fresh air. Application will indicate where is the freshes air in this range.
 The application will be written in ASP.NET and maybe some more like JQuery, Ajax, SingalR…
Why I chose this topic(smog)?
-The answer is simple : I live in Cracow 😉


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