Generate PDF in ASP.NET Core

Generate PDF

If we write application in version MVC 5 or less. We can use simple to use library like Rotativa. But what if we have apps on ASP.NET MVC Core. Many library is not compatibile with Core yet. I will show you on example how to deal with it.


First, we need to install wkhtmltopdf. Then in our application we’ll need to use WKWrap.Core library.

Above action will return us file pdf with the inscription “Hi”.

Now we can add function that will convert view in the form of a string.

Here is link to example how to write that RenderingViewToString class.

With this way you can generate any pdf from any view.


Link to project.

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  1. This works in development. On production, I get a 500 internal server error and when I troubleshoot, I get the error, nullreference exception at the line 0 referencing the html page in var htmlContent = await _viewRenderService.RenderToStringAsync(“Home/About”, new object()). In visual studio 2017, I get the pdf as intended. But i get the abovementioned error in IIS deployment. Please how do I resolve this?

    1. Please check the path of wkhtmltopdf.exe on your production host and/or check if IIS has permission for this path.

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